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The Approach

Awareness: Ready. Recruit. Retain.

Every company, organization, and employee is on a journey. Some journeys are well defined; others are murky and unclear. It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey. It matters that you recognize where you are on your path today. And more importantly, it matters where you’re going. No company is perfect. No organization does everything the right way. There is no ‘right way.’

The three sections below provide a brief overview of what ASH means by Ready. Recruit. Retain. We also provide short surveys to help get you started. Click below to explore your path.


Employer readiness is the ultimate test of your ability to compete for talent and is closely connected to your company values. By Ready, we are primarily referring to Employer Readiness. Similar to your sales or safety strategy, you must first be clear as to where you’re going and what success means to you.


By Recruit, we refer to the specific tactics utilized to acquire talent and bring them into the organization. Tactics can vary dramatically. In our experience, over 90% of craft and skilled trade hires come via referrals, so your reputation in the marketplace plays a large role. Thus, recruiting tactics should align with your Ready status.


Retention begins on Day 1 of employment. By Retain, we are challenging you to be very specific about what success means for your organization. It’s Incorrect to believe a good retention goal is the same for everybody, or even across an industry.

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