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ASH is a workforce talent partner focused on craft, skilled, and technical trade

Ready. Recruit. Retain.TM A focused approach to workforce management.

The Talent Advantage

For those companies and organizations that can use this tight labor market to their benefit, opportunity awaits. You will have a distinct advantage in the marketplace. Everybody has access to technology. Equipment can be acquired by any organization able to pay for it. But your competitors cannot duplicate your workforce. The skills, ability, and capacity of your team is unique to your company. Run towards it, embrace it, and use it to your advantage – don’t let it be what holds you back.

We are in the midst of a decade where talent management will be a challenge for most employers. Decades of educational shifts, a declining birth rate in the U.S., and the changing demographics of this country will make it difficult for all employers to secure their required workforce. For an organization seeking to hire and develop craft, skilled, and technical trade talent over the next decade, the situation is even more daunting, but not impossible. Click here for more detail.


Ready. Recruit. Retain.

A programmatic, focused approach to workforce management

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