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When communicating to your workforce, the goal is to achieve comprehension on the other side. An informed and engaged workforce will be more likely to work safely, work efficiently, and stick around.  

As employers, we communicate safety needs/risks, schedule changes, benefits news, among many items. These topics are all important and time-sensitive in their own right.

Employers fall short by assuming COMPREHENSION is automatic. We find that leaders rarely ask for comprehension and explanation back in return. Most employers communicate in one direction, to all employees, in a way that is convenient for themselves. Surprisingly, the ‘head nod’ and ‘initial this document’ does not validate one’s understanding of a topic.

Our Tip:
Next time you need to communicate to your team, or a key partner, ask for them to repeat back what they just heard. It feels awkward at first, but proves invaluable.
             Sub-tip: if you are working with a bi-lingual workforce/subcontractor/vendor, ask the person who doesn’t speak great English for their comprehension. You may have a gap you don’t realize. 

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